Like the diverging river

My circle
That was
Scattered and gone
Like the diverging river

Friends taken
By duties and dreams
Left me with mine.

Soon I learned
I got no company
But the pursuit
Of what I cannot see…

Diverging rivers
Our paths cross
Destiny paves in life
We shall meet twice.

Diverging rivers
We meet
And only that.

Now, it is clear me to me!
Humans are water:
We go on and on.
What else can we be!


Ang paglaya ay isang kathang-isip
Ng panahong ninakaw
Mula sa reyalidad
Na pilit gumagapos sa ating pagpupumiglas

Paraisong ni wala sa hinagap
Siyang pinapangarap
Kapaligirang walang huhusga
Kundi magpapatawad

Walang sakit na iniinda
Walang puwang ang pikit-mata

Paraiso mo
Paraiso ko
Paraiso nati’y magkakaiba

Ang sandaling ito
Ang mga kataga
Mula sa puso ko
Tungo sa iyong diwa

Nakaw na minuto mula sa mundo
Na nakakalimot sa pagiging tao

Sa agos ng buhay ko
Samu’t saring paraiso

Gaano kahirap ba
Maging masaya?

What it means to fight

It rained today the first in June
Droplets drew a smile on my face
The struggle is over
As summer goes away
The heat that burns the dreams and real

The rain, the cold, my irony
I find blanket of hope
My body prepared to depart
In a one-way ticket
Maneuvered into the infinite

To fight is to wait for the unknown
To hope against hope
To see the day without seeing what there is

And to respond to the changing seasons.

By storm

Love has taken my life by storm
And it is great as it is
When it is happening
There is no controlling
I am wailing,
Will it ever stop?
When fondness bears pain
It is better pacified
It was said,
If you are looking for peace
Do not look for love

Storm is nature’s work
It happens when it is its time
And I so little as against
Nature’s force

Only shelter and prayer
Is my shield.

This too shall pass
And ruin is on the wait
That is what humans are good at
Fixing nature’s wrath.

Isang pahina ng paglimot

Muling umibig at hindi umukol,
Panibagong sakit sa damdamin,
Panibagong sikip sa dibdib.

Sana’y papel na lamang ang pagmamahal,
Pwedeng pilasin kung hindi masuklian.

Bakit ang pag-ibig sa iba’y dalampasigan?
Pagsundo ng alo’y kasamang lilisan.

Kwento nating masalimuot,
Pinaghalong pagsinta at poot,
Mga alaala ko’y handang ibalot,
Sa isang pahina ng paglimot.

Will I make it

A question wakes me up each day
Will I make it or not
My room filled
Not with sunshine
But with cross
My body close to withering
All things threatening

Every second
Breath I am catching
Without understanding

All these days
Life is fighting me
Is there a way to win?


As the cards we play
Our fate flipped and turned
No one predicted we would go home
And stay

Wanderlust we were
Wonder-lost now

The plans we made
The dreams we shared
See no future
Only uncertainty

Last year
“I love you”
Who knows what date and time

Where do we go from here?
No other choice but staying.

Accustomed Sadness

My reality is this
I have been blessed
But not with many smiles

And the many thoughts
Come as gifts
That take me to where I belong
Or too far from joy

My legacy is this
Words make up for hours lost
To mourning
To worrying

Bell tolls
For the ink on my fingertips
Loneliness is a friend
Wrapped with poems
Decorated with tears.